riendly, charming and with a hint of mystery and wealth of cultural attractions, the second largest city in Greece is located in the northern part of the country. It is a longtime melting pot of cultures, a feature that is reflected in the spicy flavors with eastern influences, but is also visible in the city’s architectural fabric, where Byzantine, neoclassical, Art Nouveau and Eclecticism, Art Deco and more styles combine in the city center.

Thessaloniki sprawls around an arc of coastline at the top of the Thermaic Gulf. The main area of interest to visitors is along the shore between the ferry port and the city’s emblem, the White Tower and in the area that rises inland from here to the ancient city walls.

Thessaloniki offers a wide range of attractions -modern art and history museums, ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments, exhibitions, galleries, spas, restaurants, taverns and coffee shops; along with their unique exhibits and style, they all offer a rare combination of relaxation, safety and entertainment, the sine qua non elements for a successful conference destination.

Discover Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki shimmers with its own brand of easy-living spirit – all you need to do is let yourself go and have fun. An impressive mix of gastronomic cultures, a rich and varied nightlife, a great history to explore on every step of the way. Do not forget to try the wines!
Thessaloniki’s chilled-out attitude is your passport to true relaxation! Admire the magnificence of the sea while drinking a coffee at one of the local cafés; catch impro jazz sounds or alternative beats at the hip downtown bars and sample delicious Mediterranean dishes at one of the many picturesque tavernas. Have a late-night seafood feast at Perea and Aretsou by the seaside, indulge in an oriental sweet at Ano Poli (the old citadel) or wander down to Valaoritou street -the city’s latest hotspot- where you can hang out with people from all walks of life till the small hours. Sounds nice!
Every experience in Thessaloniki starts with a “kalimera” (good morning) and a big bright smile! One thing you will always remember of your time here is the warm hospitality. People’s kindness –their eagerness to help you whenever you need it– will embrace you, making you feel at home, as though among loved ones.

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