Thematic Topics

Cereals: Archaïc food for the future

Cereals as nutritious food

  • Role of cereals in a healthy diet, opportunities of personalised nutrition

Cereals as secure and sustainable food

  • Breeding wheat to feed the world
  • Plant based protein transition

Cereals as safe food

  • Food safety aspects: allergen, mycotoxins, nutrition defects and cereal based product intolerance and aversion
  • New Rapid or non-destructive method development for structure-function and quality assessment; big data management

Cereals as delicious food

  • Gluten and carbohydrate (starch/non-starch) functionality
  • Application of enzymes in cereal-based industries. Feed, Baking, Brewing and Functional Foods
  • Innovative processes and design of cereals for the future
  • Product development: novel ingredients, pseudocereals and gluten free products
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