Peter Shewry is currently a project leader at Rothamsted Research and Emeritus Professor at the University of Reading. He leads a research programme on the development, structure and composition of wheat grain focusing on improving the quality for human health, focusing on the content and composition of dietary fibre, phenolic acids and mineral micronutrients. He also leads a programme on improving the nitrogen use efficiency of wheat, in order to reduce the requirement of nitrogen fertiliser for producing breadmaking wheats. Over a 45-year career he has collaborated with many international scientists, including the EU FP7 HEALTHGRAIN project. In 2000 he was awarded the Thomas Burr Osborne medal by the AACC, in 2002 was the joint recipient (with Donald Kasarda) of the Rank Prize for Nutrition, and in 2016 the Clyde H Bailey medal by the ICC. He was elected Fellow of the ICC Academy in 2009.

Peter Shewry

Project Leader at Rothamsted Research
Emeritus Professor
University of Reading,United Kingdom

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